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Covid rules

In the winter term 2020/21 the administration allows us to return to “real” lectures in the lecture hall. This is good news for all of us. Nevertheless the situation is not predictable and perhaps not all of you can come in person. Therefore, we are currently running a hybrid scheme. The following rules apply for incidence values exceeding 35:

  • 3G rule: You have to be either vaccinated, recovered from Covid, or freshly tested. To my knowledge vaccinations and tests are available in the Hörsaalgebäude Z3. The University hired a private security company which checks the 3G rule in buildings and lectures. Violating the 3G rule implies severe legal consequences. Please come to the lecture only if you obey 3G and if have a valid certificate with you.
  • Registration: You have to register with your cellphone at the entry of the lecture hall for contact tracing.
  • Distancing: In the lecture hall, please try to keep a distance of 1.5 m. This means that there are two empty seats to the left and to the right as well as one empty row in front and behind you.
  • Masks: You have to wear a medical mask in the University buildings. If you can keep distances of at least 1.5 m you are allowed to take off the mask while sitting at your place in the lecture hall.
  • Online alternative: Alternatively it is possible to join the lecture and the tutorials in a contact-free way. The lecture is transmitted via live stream on Zoom. If applicable, there will be recorded videos on the download page. For the tutorials please ask your respective tutor.

Please note that this page gives only a short incomplete overview and that it is not updated regularly. To comply with the current rules please read the Corona information on the official website of the University.