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Welcome to the lecture “Mathematik III für Studierende der Physik und Ingenieurswissenschaften” and the accompanying tutorials. If you like, you may have a look at the Welcome Video on Youtube.

Here are the most important facts about the lecture in text form:

  • The lectures will be given in person in the lecture hall. If you want to join please note the current Covid rules. If you prefer to study online, you are invited to join the Zoom live stream.
  • All information and learning material can be found on these web pages ( All personal data (solutions, grades) are exchanged via WueCampus.
  • The lecture is held in German, but all the material and three of the five tutorials take place in English.
  • We provide lecture notes and a compact summary of the lectures.
  • The most important part is that you solve weekly exercises at home in groups of two students. These exercises are then corrected individually by your tutor and discussed in the tutorials. After correction and discussion, we provide sample solutions.
  • The lecture ends with a written exam (Klausur) in February. This requires that you register beforehand. Make sure that you can participate. If you fail there will be a second exam (Nachklausur) in April.

Have fun!