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Klausur (written exam)

The final written exam (Klausur) takes place on

Thursday, February 24, 09:00-11:00
in lecture hall HS1.

It is expected (but not legally required) that you have obtained at least 50% of the points in the weekly exercises.

For participation you have to register for the exam at WueStudy (Prüfungsanmeldung). Keeping the deadline is your own responsibility.

In the last tutorial session you get a training exam (Probleklausur) that gives you an idea how it looks like and how to prepare.

Bonus rule: The written exam is graded linearly from 1.0(100%) to 4.0 (50%). Likewise, the weekly exercises in the tutorials are graded linearly from 1.0 (100%) to 4.0 (50%). If you have passed the written exam (>= 50%) and if your grade obtained in the tutorials is better than the grade obtained in the written exam, the final grade will be improved by weighting 25% of the exercises and 75% of the written exam. The bonus is only valid for the first exam in February but not for the second one in April. Tutorials of previous semesters are not taken into account.

Note: It turned out that the Bonus rule is incompatible with the current legal rules (FSBs). Therefore, in agreement with the Dean of Studies, this rule is not applied.