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The tutorials are the most important part of Mathematik III. Here you learn how to put hands on mathematical problems in practice. Without permanent practicing during the term it is very unlikely to pass the final exam successfully.

1.Friday 12:00-14:00SE 3Masoud BahariEnglish
2.Friday 12:00-14:00SE 5Philipp HeilmannGerman
3.Friday 14:00-16:00SE 4Hibiki OrioEnglish
4.Wednesday 08:00-10:00SE 3Haye HinrichsenGerman
5.Wednesday 10:00-12:00SE 3Alexandre AlvarezEnglish

Your tutor is the primary point of contact in the event of comprehension problems and difficulties in solving the exercises. If you wish to get in touch with your tutor directly, please contact him by e-mail. The standard e-mail address is:

<given name>.<familiy name>